What we Do

We believe that things should never be made more complex than they are - and that's why we know that NoCode is the future.

If you can dream it - we can build it.

We use Visual Programming Tools (first and foremost, bubble.io) for App Development.

Whether you're a corporation, an active start-up or a one-person-show trying to get your foot in the door:

We analyze your current set-up, we identify areas of improvement, and we build systemic solutions to drive your business forward.

In short: We take care of the app development, so that you can get back to doing the things you most care about.


The driving force behind Ledid

Nina's academic background is in Finance, her decade-long experience as a General Manager for an international corporation is in Sales, and her calling lies in Tech.

By combining these three elements, Nina provides a holistic perspective on the underlying business model, thus enhancing the app development by taking core business aspects into account.


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