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"In this free tutorial, I'll show you how to create a website, set up a newsletter, accept payments and automate the process - all within 30 minutes. "

Nina, Founder of ledid.io


Reclaim your Focus

Time is your most valuable resource. And yet, most of us waste far too much time doing busywork. Instead of focusing on the most important parts of our job, we prioritise the urgent at the expense of the important.


Robotic Process Automation

What if, instead, you would have your very own virtual assistant, taking care of all of this busywork for you? “Robotic Process automation” does just that. With custom automated workflows, these tasks will get done without your manual input. No more distractions — simply more time to focus on what’s really important.


The driving force behind Ledid

Driven by Nina's passion for IT, in particular automation and AI, and its exciting opportunities to create, she focuses on process automation and the integration of nocode tools. Thereby, Nina aims to empower entrepreneurs and companies to actively build solutions to solve their problems.

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