1 in 400 people

know how to code.

400 in 400 people

have a problem they want to solve.

Nina Kastenauer

Founder of Ledid

Ledid enables

the other 399

to do just that.

By building customized software solutions.

Why customized software?

With the myriad of software tools available, why would anyone benefit from a bespoke software solution? Allow us to ask you this:

Have you ever had twelve tabs open to get one task done?

Do you ever switch between applications trying to compile all the data you need?

Did you ever duplicate your data so that it is up-do-date in two separate places?

Our guess is: You have. We certainly did.

It's what prompted us to focus on our core concept of "one source of truth".

One Single Interface

Customized Solution

We analyze our clients' process, and then we build a customized software solution using visual programming.


We integrate all other tools the client requires into one single source of Truth, via native integrations, APIs or webhooks.

One Single Interface

Then, we provide the client with One Interface.

All inputs are entered here, all outputs are displayed here.

All integrations are connected with it, all notification prompts retrieve data from it.

Let's explore how to drive your business forward.

Our principles

Our work is guided by a clear set of values.

It is together with our clients that we then decide how to best structure each project.

On Time

We'll deliver on time. No excuses, no backsies, no delays.

Fully Functioning Solution

"I'd prefer a clickable prototype over a fully functioning software solution". Said no one, ever.

On Budget

Our quote states a fixed price, which we will honor. Because nobody likes surprises that don't involve cake.

Detailed Documentation

We'll provide you with a detailed manual, to fully outline exactly how each piece fits in with the other.

Our Project Approach


We analyze your requirements and determine the best approach for your app.


We build your solution swiftly & iteratively and will regularly update you about the progress.


We deploy the solution for you to test. We fix any potential bugs.


We remain at your service for bug support as well as for further enhancements or changes.

About Ledid

Founded by Nina Kastenauer and headquartered in Austria, Europe.

Powered by Digital Nomads across the globe.

We bring together a diverse network of business professionals. Throughout our careers, we each dealt with too-complicated internal processes, thereby resulting delays and sub-optimal execution.

Ever eager to employ new methodologies, we kept adding new services. At some point, though, we had to face the fact that while each of these did a great job improving that one process, interacting with all of these services was proving to be a hassle.

So when Nina introduced the team to Coda it was an obvious choice. In fact, it allowed us to fully hone the "one single interface" concept, so that now, for 95% of our clients project, Coda is the tool that fulfills our clients' needs best.

Let's connect and explore how to drive your business forward!

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